Wednesday, October 17, 2012


With this new little addition to our lives, we are learning how to adjust.  Learning how to adjust to being a family of 3, less sleep, constant bottle washing, lots of laundry, new routine (or somewhat of a routine), new ministry everything!  Rylan has definitely changed our life around and we are loving it.  Sean was sitting on the couch having some good Rylan cuddles and he said, "I kinda like this whole being a dad thing." We are head over heels in love with our little one and each day as we learn what life is going to be like now, we love being parents even more.

What's life going to look like now?  We're not too sure...but we're figuring it out!  Before Rylan was born we hadn't actually talked to our Pastor about how my role was going to change.  Would I go on a few month maternity leave then come back?  Or would I just stay home with Rylan?  The tricky thing is, our visa expires in April and we are heading home.  I was able to hand over my responsibilities at work at the end of my pregnancy and it almost seems silly to go back to what I was doing to just have to hand it over again in a few months.  On Monday I went into the church and had a really good talk with our Pastor.  We decided that I am going to stay out of my leadership roles for Youth and XLR8 but I am willing to help if ever needed.  My goal right now is to focus on learning how to be a new mommy as well as pour into our youth on a one-on-one basis.  I've always preferred meeting with the girls in small groups or one-on-one and now I have an opportunity to do that more often!  Towards the end of my pregnancy, since we were busy and I was SO tired all the time, I didn't have much time or energy to meet with the kids outside of youth or bible study and I've really missed that.  So now I'm really looking forward to being able to spend time with them :)

I've also felt like God is putting on my heart to meet with the women in the community.  I love the way Rylan has opened the door for me to do this!  I am looking to join a mom's group and meet with other new mom's once a week.  Since we've been so busy with things going on at the church most nights, we haven't had much opportunity to be in the community and meet people who don't go to our church.  I want to be able to share Christ's love with these other new moms.  Will you please pray that God would open up doors for me to do so?

Most other things have stayed the same.  Sean is still involved in all of his same ministries and is doing great.  I still go to my Monday night Bible study and Sean gets some daddy-daughter time and we go to young adult Bible study on Tuesday.  We really appreciate all of your prayers up until now and we ask that you would continue to pray for us as we adjust to our new life with little Rylan.

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  1. That is so great! I can't believe you'll be done in april! Time has flown by. Praying for you guys daily!