Sunday, July 29, 2012


A random fact about me (Sam) is that I LOVE the Olympics!  I have been anxiously awaiting July 27th when the Olympics would start!  I don't know if they have the same promotion in the US, but here if you go to McDonalds and buy a large value meal you get a free Olympic Coke glass.  Sean and I went right away and got our Olympic coke glasses and we've been enjoying drinking out of them while watching the Olympics...yes, we are a bit nerdy!  It's really strange to watch the Olympics in another country.  It just seems funny to see all of the Australian teams highlighted and talked about and we don't hear about all of the American athletes that we're used to.  It's to be expected of course, but I just never thought about it.  It's really exciting when we're able to watch a match between the US and Australia.  On Sunday morning I got to watch the women's beach volleyball match between the US and Australia.  It was so great!  

For XLR8 this term we decided to make our theme the Olympics! On the right you can see the signs that some of our leaders made to decorate the room for this term!  We have been talking to the kids about the passage in Hebrews that teaches about running the race of life.  In 1 Corinthians 9:25 (CEV) it says, "Athletes work hard to win a crown that won't last, but we do it for a crown that lasts forever."  We've been teaching the kids about running the race of life and persevering so we can spend eternity in heaven with God.  They have been doing an awesome job and are really excited about everything we've done!  Our first week we made Olympic torches and the second week we made a "crown of life."  In a few weeks we are having a guest speaker come who is a local surf teacher who is going to teach the kids about working hard and being dedicated.  He is a local chaplain so he is also going to share about his faith.  There is a man in Yeppoon that got to carry the Olympic torch for the 2000 Sydney games, so we are hoping to get him to come on the same day!  Below are some pictures from this term!  

The kids with their torches!

Working on their crowns

Monday, July 9, 2012

Youth Camp

We had an AWESOME week at camp!  Thank you so much for all of your prayers leading up to camp and during camp!  It was such a blessing to have the team here from Eastview Wesleyan in Gas City, Indiana.  Mark was our camp speaker and did a wonderful job.  He talked to us about Pharaoh in Exodus 8 when he chose to spend one more night with the frogs rather than getting rid of the frog plague.  He related it to how sometimes we get "comfortable" in our sins and choose to spend "one more night with the frogs" instead of working on the sin that is messing up our lives.  He then encouraged the kids by talking about how God can use them no matter how "small" they are.  The kids were very challenged and we saw some very positive  growth in our youth!  

The other 3 from the American team helped lead activities and small groups.  The kids LOVED having them here and we appreciate all of their help.  Sean did an awesome job leading the activities.  It has been really exciting to see Sean grow in his role as a leader and he is doing such a great job.  He lost his voice by the end of camp from talking so much!  

Please continue to pray for the youth and any commitments that were made at camp!  Below are a few pictures from camp!

This is a game called electricity.  The kids got to pour water on each other.  It was a great time!

Tug-o-war!  The rope was oiled up and there was a tarp in the middle that was covered in oil and water

The whole gang

Evening rally

Here is the wonderful team from America.  Mark, Phil, Becky and April!