Monday, September 13, 2010

Change of perspective...

** Above are pictures of the 2 churches we visited **

Wow! God is so faithful! In a little over a month, we have raised 20% of our money and have booked 13 churches! This time last month, we weren't even close to that! The past two weeks we have traveled to North Carolina and Michigan. To be honest, Sean and I have never felt so welcomed in a church. Both churches welcomed us with open arms even before they knew we were the speakers. After we spoke, both churches surrounded us with prayer.

I titled this post, "A Change of Perspective" because I feel like in the last few weeks God has completely changed my perspective on fundraising. To be honest, in beginning, I was not a very big fan. I thought it was so intimidating and so difficult. I know some other denominations don't require missionaries to raise 100% of their support like Global Partners does, and I have secretly hoped that we didn't have to!! But!!! I can honestly say now, that although it is difficult, it is so worth it. Never before have I felt so encouraged and supported. I couldn't imagine going to Australia without this kind of support and we've only been to 2 churches! At this point, I am not really worried about the money. We are confident that if the Lord wants us there in February, or whenever, he will get us there and provide us with the money. We are just so blessed to have the prayers and support of those around us!
We ask for your continued prayers :)